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The Country House and Room Rental facilities are plunged into the Maiella National Park greenery. The enchanting panoramic position and the pure environment grant a quiet and relaxing, quality stay and let you revive the peaceful atmosphere of ancient times.
Next, there is a list of touristic destinations easy to reach, and also sports and activities to practice nearby our facilities.


Tholos are shelters built by shepers and peasants, by putting big stones one over another. In the Abruzzo region there are thousands of Tholos, mainly standing on the Maiella Mountains and, among the most famous, there are the Colle Della Civita Tholos of Ferrante Family, also owning the Antiche Dimore Country House. The Colle Della Civita Tholos have been reproduced, in smaller dimensions, inside the National Museum of Abruzzo People, in Pescara. Lots of Tholos stands and can be viewed in the Giumentina Valley.

Tholos Tholos

Roccamorice Falesia

Roccamorice Falesia, also known as "Bear’s Wall", is situated on a promontory side wall and stretches out for about 2 Km., from S. Bartolomeo Valley to S. Spirito Valley. The wonderful calcareous rock offers different ways and difficulties for beginner and expert climbers. At about 800-900 meters o.s.l., in Roccamorice, from early 80’s a School and Pool for Climbers has been set up, for people who wants to practice this sport.

Roccamorice Falesia Roccamorice Falesia

Santo Spirito Hermitage

The Santo Spirito a Maiella Hermitage is one of the Abruzzo most famous hermitages. It is supposed to be built before the year 1000 and from then it has been changed various times. This Hermitage lays on a rock wall and the famous italian poet Petrarca wrote that it was one of the most appropriate places for the spiritual ascent. This Hermitage has always attracted important people in their pilgrimages, like Cola Di Rienzo, Torquato Tasso and Pope Benedetto XIV. It has been elevated to Abbey and provided with indulgence in sec. XVIII and nowadays it is a pilgrims destination, especially from the 29th of august to the first sunday of october.

Santo Spirito Hermitage Santo Spirito Hermitage Detail of the main entrance

San Bartolomeo in Legio Hermitage

This Hermitage, entirely built under a rock wall, is easily reachable by walking a few minutes and it is situated near the Roccamorice Falesia. This ancient building was renovated by Pope Celestino V: there are wonderful fresco paintings inside the Hermitage that were made just in this period. Every year, in august, in occasion of the Patron Saint Holidays (24th, 25th and 26th of august) the S. Bartolomeo Statue is brought with a procession to the Roccamorice Church. It then stands there for 2 weeks before being brought back to the Hermitage.

San Bartolomeo Hermitage San Bartolomeo Hermitage

San Clemente Abbey

This Abbey is situated in the town of Castiglione a Casauria (about 2 km. far from Roccamorice) and was built in 1871. Inside, there are preciousness sculptures, like the Portale Maggiore, the Altare Maggiore, the Ambone, the Chandelier and the Urn that contains the S. Clemente’s relics.

San Clemente Abbey San Clemente Abbey

Fot those who like activities on the open air, there are suggestive routes where people can practice footing, mountain bike, trekking and climbing. Furtermore, there are lots of paths for long and nice walks to search for mushrooms and truffles, and you can also easily look up to wild boars, roe deers, foxes, deers, hawks and golden eagles. It is also possible to take part of guided and horseback riding trips.
Very close to our facilities, there are also swimming pools, tennis courts, fishing lakes ski runs, heals spas, pools and golf greens.

Roccamorice and Abbateggio

The two Roccamorice and Abbateggio small towns are situated to the hills (m.540 a.s.l.) in the Maiella National Park and are just a few Km. far from each other. The Characteristic villages offer wonderful panoramic views of exceptional width, from the Maiella to the Morrone mountains, from the Gran Sasso mountains to the sea, with a glimpse at the city of Pescara.

Roccamorice - Fountain
Roccamorice - Room Rental
Roccamorice - Architecture Detail
Roccamorice - Suburb
Roccamorice - Panoramic View
Abbateggio - Alleys
Abbateggio - View